Linthicum Custom Care


Linthicum Custom Care, LLC provides all inclusive property management and warranty services to Linthicum clients. This service is offered to clients for the management of properties built by Linthicum or others. Services offered range from minor maintenance to remodel and repair. Additionally, LCC manages all warranty commitments on behalf of Linthicum contracts.

Clients are billed on a monthly basis for all services rendered. A monthly invoice provides all necessary detail and requires only one payment.

While Linthicum Custom Care, LLC is operated as an independent business for profit, it also serves the very important purpose of properly maintaining Linthicum built projects and, most importantly, maintain satisfied clients long after the building is complete.

Mission Statement

Linthicum Custom Care, LLC delivers its clients a complete turn-key solution to all their property management needs. We provide exceptional service while properly maintaining and caring for their Linthicum-built home or building.


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